Jo Morrison Career Specialist - Leadership & Innovation Coach

Jo Morrison Career Specialist - Leadership & Innovation Coach

Jo Morrison Career Specialist - Leadership & Innovation CoachJo Morrison Career Specialist - Leadership & Innovation CoachJo Morrison Career Specialist - Leadership & Innovation Coach



Get ready to lift the lid on your potential. Get excited to change, to stretch yourself and be accountable to take action!

For Individuals: Plan or Reset Your Career 

Grow Your Career

► If you aren't getting what you want in your career I can help you identify why. Let's plan your path, both mindset and action.

► Practice negotiating so you can get a bigger salary, pay rise or flexible working.

► Work on your leadership skills.

Support your performance, personal development, uniqueness and independence. 

Reset Your Career

► Resume review, social and interview prep so you can interview like the superstar you are.

► Skills Assessment to work out what other jobs you could create or apply for.

► Learn to tell your career story in a way that maps your skills and experiences to the job you want now.

For Business: Leadership & Innovation Programs

► Leadership Coaching is a tailored program designed for growing businesses with diverse training needs. 

► Coaching will support your team to grow in their roles. 

► Innovation Coaching will support your team or business to work remotely and explore future opportunities.

Coaching is over the phone or via Zoom.


Coaching is focused on mindset + action.

✔ I have a track record of success building innovation programs, providing business coaching to 100+ motivated individuals, startups and corporate organisations.

 ✔ I use the MOJO Framework to support you to take action, because coaching is not just for Senior Exec's.

✔ Coaching helps to develop better personal habits that support your success.


Book a free Intro Call.

I'm excited to work with you to create a Personal Action Plan.

I know it's hard to know who to talk to about your career and business goals, but I'm a sounding board full of great ideas! I'd love to work with you or your team.

Get your personal action plan now!

Seminar Series: Achieve More, Earn More, Live More!

Have you been stood down, made redundant or feel like your career is on hold? 

Not sure on your next move?

Take an hour each week just for you - time to work on yourself, think about yourself and focus on what YOU want. 

Run via Zoom - experience six seminar calls; a blend of coaching and training where I'll talk the group through different career challenges.


Kicking off on April 29th

why get a Coach?

Packages & Pricing

what's in it for you?

Coaching Supports You

Coaching Supports You

Coaching Supports You

  • Access the secrets of successful athletes, CEO’s and entrepreneurs.
  • I'll support you with your life-work dreams - build a life you love.

Achieve More

Coaching Supports You

Coaching Supports You

  • Support and kindness when the going gets tough.
  • Regular check-ins and reminders to celebrate how far you’ve come!

Goals & Action

Coaching Supports You

Goals & Action

  • Get clear on your goals and get an action plan to get there.
  • Stay motivated to succeed.

Free 7-Step Action Plan!

Curious about the benefits of coaching? Two simple steps: enter your email address below, check your inbox to confirm your subscription!

Action Steps

Get Started!

  • Book an intro call.

  • We'll chat and you'll receive a quick start action plan.

  • Choose a career coaching or business coaching program to suit your needs and budget.

  • Follow the personalised steps for accountability and success!

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