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I have a track record of success within the corporate, startup and innovation coaching fields.

I combine professional practice with law of attraction coaching to empower ambitious people to accelerate their career and business success. I'd love to help you too.

Prior to founding Go Go Mojo I worked as a Corporate Innovation Coach and before that I was Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at INCUBATE, the program for students starting businesses at The University of Sydney. I was a key stakeholder in building the program from the beginning and we spent time experimenting and thinking creatively to help launch 80+ startups in five years.

Innovation keeps us moving forward and I can help you apply this way of thinking to get what you really want in life and business!

Leading Startup Businesses & Innovation.

At INCUBATE we developed workshops and programs that empower startups to succeed. When the startups received investment they often credited their rapid income growth and customer development to the feedback, coaching, mentoring and workshops they accessed through the program. 

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Personal Action Plans Support Your Success!

Go Go Mojo Coaching helps people find their career and business mojo... the part you hide away... now imagine what could happen when you succeed!

The art of coaching is to dance for a while and then offer some new moves to try out. 

The workforce is constantly changing and we are staying in it for longer than ever.

I specialise in that tipping point when you know you want more but you can't easily access executive coaching to help you get there. 

I've trained across multiple fields; journalism, finance, consulting, business, startups and coaching.

I can help you bridge the gap between you, the board and the executive team.

I can coach you to work better with your leader, board and executive teams because I've been there. I've coached innovative thinking, created and built teams, managed diverse stakeholders, been a staff career coach and facilitated countless difficult conversations.

Let's discuss your journey so far, help you uncover your hidden skill set and support you to take action to discover where it can take you now.

To help you get to know me, I've answered some of the questions that I ask my clients…

Q. What am I inspired to create in my business?

I love stories.

I've always pictured myself in the characters shoes as I read. I guess empathy is my natural state. These days I accept that I need to be mindful of what I watch and listen to. But my love of stories and my empathy serves me well as I listen to my clients.

I've always been a problem solver.

Coaching comes naturally to me, I empathise, problem solve, trouble shoot, come up with ideas and support people to support themselves.

Go Go Mojo is about finding your inner mojo, the part you hide away because then you might succeed! 

I love client conversations when they say out loud something they have barely admitted to themselves. Because then we can work out how to make change and get them what they really want.

I am inspired to be the best coach in my field, to be sought after by clients who are drawn to my combination of practicality, mindset and motivation, it makes a difference in their lives.

Q. What do you expect from yourself?

I expect to be ethical, honest and kind.

I have high expectations of myself and sometimes my support network has to remind me that 'done' can be good enough!

Family, friends and partners can only do so much to support those with ambition. 

It can get draining to be a support person for someone you love while they are working on their dreams  -  and their challenges.

Jo at her desk

Get coached in your comfy clothes!

Most of my career or business coaching is done over Zoom, and video is optional. Voice-only allows people to be more honest and introspective as they are purely concentrating on our conversation, not distracted by video.

I don't usually know clients socially, and I probably don't know their friends or family. This sense of anonymity can help them open up.

Clients share information with me that they may not choose to share with family, colleagues or friends.

I strongly encourage them to share with a partner, but sometimes I am the first person they have talked to about the particular business, personal or career challenges they face.

I prepare thoroughly for career coaching sessions, so my clients get the most benefit out of the time we spend together. I want to help ambitious people achieve more.

Helping others is not about being perfect.

I think I am a better Coach because I'm definitely not perfect! I face challenges, have to pick myself back up, reset and review regularly. 

My expectations are high but my kindness is paramount; towards myself and to others. I try my best every day to utilise the self-care tips I share with my clients; that I am 'walking my talk.'

If you're ready to try the full set of coaching prep questions please get in touch and I'll happily send them to you.

You can read more in my blog post  'What Happens In Coaching'

Let's chat soon, your Action Plan is waiting!



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